The medium is the pathway, not the purpose

The medium is the pathway, not the purpose

Nov 27, 2023

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Something we've internalised at Obvious: The medium is a pathway, not the purpose.

When we focus purely on the medium—think websites, mobile apps, social media—it's easy to veer towards building something that ultimately doesn't serve a client's audience or solve their business problem. These are means to an end. They're seductive in their immediacy, but often cloud the larger, more impactful objectives.

Instead, it's critical to step back and ask: what is my client's end goal? The answer instantly shifts, from "I need a website" to "I need to launch my product in a new geography", or from "I need a better app" to "I want to acquire a few more products".

This sense of clarity takes us from from a dusty track to a well-lit runway, and ensures the "why" guides the "how", not the other way around. It reorients our approach decision-making towards not just doing things, but doing the right things for the right reasons and for the right people.

With every organisation we work with, we ensure we're not just ticking boxes but genuinely addressing core objectives and course-correcting along the way. It's all about making sure every move counts towards the finish line.