A handful of stories and sensory experiences that I come back to every now and then.

I put this list together on an overcast day broken by brief patches of sunlight fading in and out on the lawns. The air is strangely balmy, and I feel nostalgic for some reason. You will forgive me if that, and the weather, affects my choices. I have, however, tried to shake off recency bias and dig deep into years of reading and sensory experiences to make accurate recommendations.

This isn't a curated list; it's more like me writing down the names that have been caught in the cobwebs of my mind for goodness knows what reason. But I think that's a good enough reason to recommend something: This stuck with me, that's it.

Note: Recommendations with * involve triggering topics explained in quite some detail. I don't recommend them any lesser for it — they are still masterclasses in storytelling.


Standalone novels


The premise of 'classics' and 'canon' is heavily contested in literature. Who is it a classic for? Who is the list catering to? Who is it alienating? Short note on this forthcoming, but the long and short of it is that these are my classics.


Books about books and writing