15: A newly-forged sucker for jazz

September 20, 2022


I can't believe we're already nearing the end of September. This year has zoomed past like a hamster on steroids in a Corvette on steroids.

I’m guilty of listening to the same 30 songs over and over again, but lately have been finding particular joy in stumbling around in cozyweb part of YouTube to find videos and playlists I’ve never listened to. The Jazz is Everywhere channel was one such find, and their ‘Norwegian Wood’ and Bossa Nova playlists, in particular, have been on repeat. So far, Thelonious Monk’s particular brand of jazz is a favourite — “jagged and unorthodox”, one internet page calls it.

This week’s literary companion has been Taylor Jenkin Reid’s [The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo](). What a gripping novel so far. I’m a sucker for stories from nostalgic time periods, and I’m doubly delighted that this book isn’t playing fast and loose with history and the bad politics of the times. I’m only halfway in but I have high expectations (and am giving its Goodreads page a wide berth for the same reason).

Speaking of Goodreads, I’ve been really enjoying [the Storygraph](https://www.thestorygraph.com/), pitched as the Goodreads alternative. I don’t know yet if I’d swap one for the other, but I’ve been using the Storygraph’s book recommendation system to find my next read within a particular brand of fiction. It seems much more nuanced and accurate.

Also, a tiny update on this site: I now have an [RSS feed](https://sindhu.live/rss.xml)! I'd been wondering how to notify regular readers about new entries — I don't maintain this garden for others (see [[terms]]), but a tenet of the garden is to accept feedback, constructively and empathetically offered. I didn't want to create a separate newsletter, and posting on Twitter essentially means talking to a wall most of the time. [Ankur](https://ankursethi.in/) suggested an RSS feed, which pushed me to set one up — and it lives!!

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