17: When life hands you lemons...

October 6, 2022


These two weeks secretly had 4 weeks in them. At least, that’s what it felt like.

My travel plans to Hampi got cancelled (boo). But I took the time to explore new places in Bangalore that either cropped up like mushrooms recently or have been there for so long they’ve all but blended into the background. When life hands you lemons, and all that. I’ll leave the real documentation for my sketchbook, but here are some pictures and deets I would like to document on here.

Bangalore Creative Circus: great vibes, great art. Came away with tonnes of inspiration, two plants, and a friendship with a cat named Spinach.

It turned out that my mother, a reader loyal to secondhand bookstores, had never been to Blossom Book House. That was remedied this Tuesday. So was my beer drought, courtesy Ironhill and my father.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace living proof that you could walk down a street many times for many years and still not know what’s behind some walls. Not pictured (unfortunately) is the insane ghee dosa I belted after walking around this place and the nearby Bangalore Fort.

In hindsight, it was nice to get time to explore the city over 4 free days. The downside is that today, Thursday, is feeling like the Mondayest Monday ever. But there have been some changes at work, and I'm quite interested to see how they pan out.

OK I'm hungry now.

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